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Our Legal Costs

Building Contract Review $450 (Plus GST)

This ensures that the relevant information is clearly highlighted, so all sides understand their rights and responsibilities, the terms and conditions, as well as potential risks and consequences.

Draft VCAT Defence $650 (Plus GST)

A Defence is a written statement in response to the Applicants application or complaint. It sets out the facts of the matter and your side of the story. 

Attend VCAT Directions Hearing $550 (Plus GST)

A directions hearing is not the final hearing. It's a brief hearing, usually no more than 30 minutes. At the directions hearing, the VCAT member may: clarify and explore ways to resolve any issues that are raised. decide whether the case should go to mediation, compulsory conference or hearing

Wills $750 for one person or $1200 for a couple (Plus GST)

A Will is a legal document you write saying how you want your estate handled after you pass away. It’s often your last message to your loved ones, but it also serves important legal purposes. 

Draft application to DBDRV $450 (Plus GST)

The first stage of resolving your domestic building dispute is to take your matter to Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV). This is a free service offered by the Department of Justice and consumer affairs.

Attend the DBDRV conciliation conference $1200 (Plus GST)

A conciliation conference may be held to bring the parties together to discuss the issues in dispute, in a safe and confidential environment.
The Dispute Resolution Officers will:
• facilitate the conciliation conference;
• encourage understanding and communication between the parties; and
• listen to you and the other party and help both parties come up with ways to resolve the dispute. 

New Commercial Lease $1800 (Plus GST)

If you choose to lease your premises, we can advise you on all the issues involved with leasing or sub-leasing your premises for medical use. Call Us Now.

Conveyancing services $1300 (Plus GST)

We Offer Fixed Price Conveyancing with No Hidden Charges or Surprises. Urgent Contract Checks within 1 Business Day. Free Contract Checks

Draft VCAT Application (includes Points of Claim) $750 (Plus GST)

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) resolves legal disputes and cases in Victoria.  VCAT is a tribunal, which means they are less formal than a court. VCAT has limited jurisdiction in a number of areas. However, VCAT has full jurisdiction in all building dispute matters. 

Attend VCAT Compulsory Conference full day $2600 or $1300 half day (Plus GST)

A compulsory conference is very similar to a mediation at VCAT; however,
these are conducted with the help of a VCAT member. The VCAT member won’t make a decision
about the dispute, but will help both parties agree on a fair resolution. If a matter settles at
compulsory conference, the VCAT member can make orders which adjourns or disposes of the case
as appropriate. If the matter doesn’t settle, the VCAT member can make directions to prepare the
case for final hearing.

Sale of Business
from $1800 
(Plus GST)

Need a lawyer to review your Sale Of Business Contract? Our Business Law specialists can offer professional legal advice to all parties.

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